No Side Effects

No Side Effects

No Side Effects

Acts 28:1-6

It was Beyonce and Destiny Child who came out with the hit song Survivor in the year 2001.

In this song that state

I’m a survivor

I’m not gon give up

I’m not gon stop

I’m gon work harder

I’m a survivor

I’m gonna make it

I will survive

Keep on survivin’

These three ladies in this song were referring to a man who they surmised thought they would loose it all after the breakup and they wrote this song to inform whoever he was that they still were and would continue to survive.

I’ve discovered that many times in our lives we are faced with trials an obstacles that threaten to end our very existence, so we think. We are so beaten down that we don’t how we are going to survive.

Family Problems

Broken Relationships

Sickness in the Body

Job Loss

Your Past

Death of a Loved One

Life will sometimes bring some things your way that will literally cause you to want to give up.

But thanks be to God that your testimony today is that inspite of all that I went through I still survived.