Grace For The Barren

Grace For The Barren

Grace For The Barren

Genesis 30:22-24

In our text today we encounter barrenness, which is a common biblical motif. Rachel  the wife whom Jacob loved is barren.

Barrenness is a problem frequently encountered by the matriarchs in the book of Genesis which is kind of ironic when you consider the fact that God promised Abraham that his seed would multiply and be as numerous as the stars in the heavens.

It is hard for us to imagine how devastating these events would have been for the childless wife. She was spiritually disturbed, socially disgraced, and psychologically depressed.

But, barrenness is not an emotion or a state of being that only childless women encounter. We all experience different degrees of barrenness along our faith journey. And perhaps there’s someone here this morning who came to church barren? …

Anyone who has longed for, prayed for and even been willing to die for an elusive blessing that seemingly will never come their way can identify with and appreciate what it means to be barren.

But I have good news today that the God we serve has Grace for the Barren.