7 Powerful Prayers for Pastor Appreciation Month

7 Powerful Prayers for Pastor Appreciation Month

7 Powerful Prayers for Pastor Appreciation Month

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. It’s a time set aside to show thanks and honor to our pastors who serve us with their time and energy. Pastor Appreciation Day is the second Sunday of October and is a great day set aside to shower your pastor with extra blessings and words of encouragement..

What We Forget About Our Pastor

Over the years of ministry, I’ve had the privilege of meeting, ministering to, and listening to many hundreds of pastors. And I’ve learned their terrible secret. They’re human.

While they are, in God’s words, “shepherds of God’s flock” (1 Peter 5:2), they’re also subject to the same insecurities, passions, and discouragement we all are. Like us, they struggle with fear and worth; with temptation and loneliness.

And they need prayer and encouragement.

Why I Love the Idea of Pastor Appreciation Month

Sometimes it comes in the midst of too many pastor depreciation months. How about twelve pastor appreciation months each year!

Yes, they’re human. But they’re also heroes. They bear the burdens of their “flock.” They are there, as one person said lightheartedly, “when we’re hatched, when we’re matched, and when we’re dispatched.”

They carry the weighty responsibility of being God’s appointed messenger to deliver His heart to His people. They pay the price of being scrutinized and criticized, with each person measuring them by their personal pastoral expectations.

And they love their people, warts and all. They are often the difference-maker in some of life’s loneliest, most painful moments. They are the “go-to” person for everything from someone’s personal crisis to a broken heart to a plumbing problem at the church.